Hedgerow Jelly


Hedgerow jelly is essentially a “throw whatever you’ve got into it” recipe. Its a nice seasonal recipe, that makes a great gift and is pretty forgiving.

Jelly is essentially a strained jam. The method here is a bit different than the previous jam recipe, but still an easy make with minimal hands on time.

Hedgerow Jelly


500g variety fruit from the hedgerow or garden: blackberries, elderberries, sloes, damsons, wild plums, haws, rosehips

500g of either cooking or crab apples

Sugar: preserving or cane, 1lb (500g) per 1 pint (600ml) juice


6x clean and sterilised glass jars, about 500ml/1lb

large pan


  1. Wash your fruit. Make sure to leave some unripe fruit in with your mix.

  2. Place in your pan with about 2cm of water in the bottom and begin to simmer on a low heat until the fruit starts to break down. Stir occasionally

  3. Place into a jelly bag or muslin and let the juice strain out overnight.

  4. Weigh the juice out and add the sugar accordingly - 1lb (500g) per 1 pint (600ml) juice

  5. Bring slowly to a boil. When the temp reaches 105c, check for the set.

  6. Pour into sterilised jars and seal.

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