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 introduction to canning and preserving: the online course


Welcome to the wonderful world of canning and preserving. This course aims to take you step by step into the basics for preserving the season for eating throughout the year. We have focussed on the 3 main areas that we get asked most about - canning jams, jellies and cordials, preserving veggies through canning and fermentation and other preserving methods, like drying and freezing.

Each week will include recipes, videos, blog posts and lots of making! The lessons will go live on a Friday and will all be available below. At the end of the course, you will also get a PDF booklet of all of the recipes and basic tips we’ve covered so far.

 Lesson One: Jams and Cordials


 Is there anything and evokes the idea of “The Good Life” more than a pile of freshly made jam, gleaming like jewels on the countertop? For me, its less about the look or the taste than it is the ssssschllllooooooop sound the lids make as their contents form little vacuums when they cool. It makes me feel like I am doing something right with my life, however how small.

This lesson is all about making jam, jellies and cordials. We will cover the science and equipment you need to ensure that your makes stay fresh as the day they were made for as long as possible, as well as some of our tried and tested recipes.

 Lesson Two: Canning Vegetables


 Canning veggies is where we have to delve a bit more into the science of canning. From PH levels to salinity, if you aren’t aiming to knock off your own family, you need to follow a couple of key rules. The recipes in this chapter are really places for you to start from in canning vegetables safely without a pressure canner.