Garden Redemption (Backcurrant Frozen Yogurt)

This year’s garden is a total disaster. First, while I was at Blogtacular, the chickens got (were let) into the greenhouse and ate or smashed each and every baby plant we had…which was a lot. Then we were let down by terrible customer service by a popular "organic garden in a box" company when our veg garden delivery was smashed to bits and they didn’t answer a single email or the phone call about it. Then a certain 7 year old trampled the remaining plants whilst chasing an errant chicken out of the garden.  For weeks I couldn’t go into that part of the yard without feeling slightly sick when looking at my scraggly patch of weeds.


However, this week, the garden has redeemed itself with an abundance of blackcurrants. While there must have been blackcurrants available in the US, I associate their sharp taste with living in Britain where blackcurrant flavoured things abound…and until this week, I wasn't a fan.  However, the kids love them and with a summer to fill, we thought a bit of berry picking would be a good way to start.

Upon collecting our first batch, I asked Facebook what I should do with my harvest. Knowing me well, most friends suggested Cassis or syrup for Kir Royale, however the mention of ice cream got both Ellis and I excited, so we tried our hand at a bit of Blackcurrant Frozen Yoghurt.

It turned out amazing. The sharpness of the Greek Yogurt (we buy it at Lidl where they do massive tubs of it) is perfect with the blackcurrants and lemon for a super refreshing treat.

blackcurrant froyo

300g blackcurrants (you could easily add more here for a more intense taste - this is all we had)
170g of sugar
Juice from 1/2 lemon
5T water
500ml of greek yogurt

Mix the blackcurrants, water, lemon and sugar in a pan. Heat until the berries pop and the sugar is dissolved. Sieve to remove the seeds and set aside to cool.

Mix syrup into the yogurt and mix in your ice cream maker until it thickens.  Freeze for about 4 hours to set. 

blackcurrant froyo
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