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We picked a total of 4kg of blackcurrants. Which resulted in 10 jars of blackcurrant jelly, 1 ltr of Cassis and 1 ltr of cordial.  Yum.

I also made my first batch of plum and cardamom jam as well as pear and caramel butter. I have now run out of jars...which I think Kevin is slighltly relieved about as I may have had a slight jam making obsession. 

The chicks are growing (and decidedly less cute).

I've got a growing stack of hexies.

And a growing stack of samples in for the next edition of The Crochet Project. 


Its summer holidays, and so I spend my time attempting to juggle children and work. Some days are  all day TV and Cereal/Georgia cuts her own hair/dog gets into the chickens/chickens get into the house/ failures. Others are a blissful balance of productivity and fun. Can you guess which is the more frequent?



In the Studio: Preparing

If there was a word of the week for all of the things happening here at Kat Goldin Designs HQ - it would be "preparation".  While a day doesn't go by without one deadline or another, I have used the remainder of my time to look slightly further ahead.  I have been determined that I am not going to hit the Christmas rush in an ill-prepared mess that has characterised the last 2 years. Helping to keep my mind very focused is the fact that the manuscript for book 2 is due on the 31st of December AND that I will be running a stall and workshops at the Glasgow Country Living Christmas Fair. Oh and The Crochet Project Issue 2, Blogtacular, Capturing Childhood and 3 little children. Oh yes, preparation  (and hired help) IS the only thing that is going to get us through.

Which is totally fine as this is the bit I like best.  The planning and plotting.  The dreaming and scheming.  I also love ordering supplies and it has been so fun picking out new packaging and materials for the kits. I have made various lists and charts and spreadsheets.  The rest of my house is a disaster, but at least  my lists are organised!!


20130823-IMG_2473 20130823-IMG_2469

(you can see a wee sneaky peek of the new packaging here)


Of course the 700 crochet hooks I ordered need a place to go and this gorgeous gentleman's wardrobe will be perfect. I just need to decide what will go in the "pyjamas" shelf.

But don't worry, despite my drive to be more organised - normal craziness continues whether I want it to or not.