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Without Him


We pass like ships in the night, Kevin and I. One of us looks after the kids, the other one works.  I have found this transition easy, moving from stay-at-home mothering, to co-parenting.  It has been harder for Kev.  The way your mind has to split in 100 different ways to entertain children, ensure they are fed and that the house isn't destroyed...well, it would be fair to say that multi-tasking is not his natural strong point.

But every Saturday, Sunday, evening and day off, he is there, sometimes from 5am...playing and adventuring, feeding and taming the beasts. 

In some ways, it is sad that it is even remarkable, that I even have to mention it.  But I know from looking around me, that I am fortunate to have a partner who shares these responsibilities with me, who believes that my work is as valid as his. 

For every single person who has ever remarked on how I am able to do the things I do, it is all because of him*.



photos by Kevin.

* and because I don't clean or cook and only do laundry in dire emergencies. 






I am trying to maintain some semblance of structure, some regime to our days so that my children, house, the bills get some of my attention. A small attempt has been made to differentiate "working" from the rest of the day, so that everything can get a bit more focus.

It would be fair to say that this is not my natural state.  Routine has never been my strength, we are more fly by the seat of out pants while multi-tasking on a thousand different situations people, "crisis management" being our chief occupation.

And so yesterday, I left work in the office and focused my attention on the children, the house, the bills.  After about half an hour, Ellis looked at me and said "Why are you hanging around, Mummy? Why aren't you working?"

Focus is over-rated.


Back To It

What a week it has been here in Scotland. The weather, the birthdays, the sunshine, the parties, the warmth, the Grammy 'Merica, the gorgeous sun, the day trips (did I mention the weather?) was all just wonderful and a much needed break for all of us.

IMG_1896.jpg IMG_1908.jpg IMG_1956.jpgIMG_2069.jpg IMG_2070.jpg IMG_2015.jpg IMG_1988.jpg

But as Grammy left, the snow arrived and we are all back to normality today...whatever that is with a 5 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old.

Today will be spent:

- Listening to Georgia "sing" the Lion King

- Finalising a pattern for release on Friday

- Knitting a few more rows of this

- Making about 5 of these (all in grey)

- Preparing for my upcoming crochet workshops (spaces still available on the intermediate course) 

- Building some of the mountain of Lego a certain boy received for his birthday whilst fending off 2 toddlers.

Keep warm!

Playroom and Studio 2.0

Aaah, remember my lovely studio? It was so clean and tidy and beautiful, no?

Uh, yeah.  It quickly turning into dumping ground 101.  

Here's the thing about working at home with 3 children under 5: Wherever you are - they are.  I spent so much time running up and down the stairs, carting yarn here and there, that I never really used my studio.  In those moments when the babies were both asleep and E was occupied, one of 2 things would happen:

- My working upstairs would wake them

- Ellis hollering for me as I was not downstairs and he needed his 200th drink/snack/conversation of the day would wake them.

So a reshuffle took place over the weekend and the playroom became our shared work/play space.  The upstairs still has the sewing equiptment and stores much of the non-working yarn, but my new work space in the heart of the activity means that I can work while they play near by.

IMG_0426.jpg IMG_0505.jpg



The centrepiece of the room is our old coffee table, transformed by several coats of eggshell paint and two play panels - one Duplo and one blackboard.  The table is originally from ikea and has always been a great coffee/playtable for the children so I am glad to have rescued it out from under the TV. 





Most of the toys are hidden out of the way in the bookcase with the ikea fabric curtain.  


My favourite bits are the imporvised car garage from a spice rack, the wagon "shelf" serving dual purpose as fire surround and bookshelf and the beautiful Sylvia Woodford wall hanging


And of course the fairy lights, because who doesn't like to work by their twinkling glow?