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On my Desk


1. I love post it notes.  In fact, one of the reasons I left the NHS was that they no longer had a budget for post-it notes*. My world is filled with them, stuck to books, on the computer, on the walls  - my progress chart for the book is a series of post-its that get moved around as patterns move through different stages.  Even Ellis insists that all of his toys are labeled with them and he gives me detailed instructions each morning on what I am to do with his "messages".

2. I have spotify or netflix on constantly whan I am working. I recently upgraded my RAM to 16GB so that I can have everything + photoshop running at the same time.  Its like computing nirvana.

3.  I have this thing about pens.  Seriously obsessive issues that they have to be black, roller ball and thick.  My handwriting is illegible otherwise.

4. I am totally in love with the new Simple Things magazine.  Love.  In the US there is this magazine, "Real Simple" which my mother saves for me by the boxfull, but this is SOOOOO much better. Its the kind of thing you want to savour with wine in the bath...which is exactly what I plan on doing tonight. 

5. Peeking out from underneath the mag is this great stitch dictionary. Its fabulous and really inspirational. Worth every penny!!

6. My phone - work avoidance #1. I have blocked everything on my computer - twitter, facebook, pinterest, ravelry, but not on my phone.  I am just too weak. Plus, I have read 4 books this week as I been sick on my kindle for the phone. My favourite was a newer Alice Hoffman, Seventh Heaven**.

7. I usually use these crochet hooks from America, but I don't have a 4.5mm and needed one, so I ordered an Addi swing.  I am so not in love with it.  It feels really bulky and horrible and my gauge is all over the place with it. I figured out that I hold my hand quite close to the hook and this won't let me.

8. Ruler - for gauge, for drawing diagrams, for scratching the hard to reach place right in the middle of my back.

9. Calculator.

10. I have laminated all of my favourite sizing tables. This one is brilliant for making any kind of children's head-wear. 

11. Yarn. Baron Green Back from Babylonglegs.  It sits on my deak as it refuses to tell me what it wants to be.  I think its because it wants to be knitted and not crocheted, but I am not sure. 

12. I currently operate a 3-moleskin regime.  1 design notebook. 1 for Capturing Childhood. 1 only for to-do lists. It works, until I lose one of the notebooks. 

13. Hooks and buttons.  My 2 favourite things.  They are also everyone else's favoruite things and the first item to go missing if my office door is left open.

14. Theo gave me a moose.  He insits it sits on my desk, I learned a long time ago, its never worth argueing with a 17 month old. 





* not strictly true, but it was a sign of impending doom.

** Mom, you might like it as it had a similar feel to the Third Angel. 


Today I Am




- trying to climb a mountain of work and packing and laundry so that we can head down to Kent for a week with friends and family and work.  I have reached the panic stage.  

- fortunately some of the work is just crochet and I bought the Muppets movie for me for the kids to watch on the drive down.  I may just have to put it on while I work.

- said crochet is with this gorgeuos yarn. I must admit that I am in love (again).   

- when I am not able to watch the Muppets, I will be listening to Fiona Apple's new album.  The ferocity with which she sings the bridge on this song gives me goosebumps.

- I have locked my phone upstairs and am about to download an internet blocking app so I can get work done.  I am taking bets on when withdrawl symptoms starts (also if you seem me online today, IGNORE ME!!)

- I am blogging over at Capturing Childhood today...I may have sobbed when I wrote the post, but don't tell my little brother that, because I will be made fun of mercilessly.

- we head out tonight, so I am not certain when I will be back to the blog.  Have a great week if I get caught up!!


(the photo is from a cemetary in Muckart.  Is it me, or is the Angel smirking?)

Work: In Progress.


Every morning, I wake up, check my phone for orders and come downstairs to the computer to email out patterns and write my "To Do" list for the day, stopping by the coffee pot on the way through. I am not by nature an organised person, but I do like a goal or two to keep me on track. Well, on track is never actually where I am...there is always *something* that diverts my best laid plans. Yesterday it was a printer that refused to print my 12 mailing labels that then took me 2 hours to get the orders ready for posting today.  Today its a little girl who has decided that destruction is F.U.N. and has spent the morning snatching, destroying, and then running away singing "Na Na, Me!" (Translation: "Na na, you can't catch me").

IMG_2231.jpgBasic tasks become mountains to climb.  Some mornings, like this one, my list is so long I feel sick at the thought of all I have to do.  I actually can not comprehend how I will get it all done. 


But progress happens.  Slowly. In pockets of time when 2 are sleeping and one is building a Lego city.  Or when 2 are playing peekaboo behind the curtains.  Or when 3 are thrown out into the garden for (yet) another egg hunt.

And then, we celebrate the simple sucesses...after a year of living here, I finally hung curtains in the childrens' room.  I have finished 3 stripes in the Stripe Study Shawl Knitalong. I made and ate lunch. I have started a new pattern for Saturday's class.  Twelve orders were sent out today. 

Progress, if I do say so myself. 

Back To It

What a week it has been here in Scotland. The weather, the birthdays, the sunshine, the parties, the warmth, the Grammy 'Merica, the gorgeous sun, the day trips (did I mention the weather?) was all just wonderful and a much needed break for all of us.

IMG_1896.jpg IMG_1908.jpg IMG_1956.jpgIMG_2069.jpg IMG_2070.jpg IMG_2015.jpg IMG_1988.jpg

But as Grammy left, the snow arrived and we are all back to normality today...whatever that is with a 5 year old, a 2 year old and a 1 year old.

Today will be spent:

- Listening to Georgia "sing" the Lion King

- Finalising a pattern for release on Friday

- Knitting a few more rows of this

- Making about 5 of these (all in grey)

- Preparing for my upcoming crochet workshops (spaces still available on the intermediate course) 

- Building some of the mountain of Lego a certain boy received for his birthday whilst fending off 2 toddlers.

Keep warm!



I don't really want to talk.  Or cook. Or write. Or wipe noses or floors, do the dishes, play "choo choo", read stories, sing songs, go to playgroups or to the park.  I do not want to make play dough or cake or dinner or lunch or breakfast or second breakfast.  I do not want to pay the bills or listen to the crying.  I do not want to give baths or brush hair or change nappies or tackle the mountain of laundry.

The interuptions that come at 5 minute intervals send me snappy and on edge.  I wish I could say that the 6,000 lego spaceship of the day was more interesting than a new design or the need of a 10 month old to be held all day long was as fufilling.

But, its not.  They aren't.  

I love them.  I love their little noses and blue eyes.  I love their funny laughs and their messy hair.  The way Georgia says "Thchoo -Thchoo" instead of "Choo Choo".  The way Ellis says "I got it from my brain" when congratulated on a good idea.  The way Theo gives open mouth kisses on demand.  I love them so much...

But the constant pull is there.  I want to be with them, but I want to be working or not even working, just doing something else. Something that is wholly me and not someone else.

And then, that means that I end up doing most things badly.  Half-attention and stolen moments are not the way to do anything well from designs to laundry.

And so today, I will not be working.  I will put it down and draw a line under it so that the talking, cooking, writing, wiping of noses and floors, doing of the dishes, playing "choo choos", the washing of laundry and all of the other things I *need* to do can get done well and without shouting or crying... we've run out of underwear.


*pictured: Texere Chunky Wool