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Work (Or Something Like It)

It is no secret that I coud happily work 16 hours a day.  I love what I do and have more items on my to do list than I will ever finish and I simply could let it all consume me.


However, there are 4 people and 2 cats who like to remind me that work can not be my life. For however many hours I could happily sit in my office plugging away, they would like to spend 3x as many with their mama.  Sometimes, I resent the intrusion. Sometimes, I welcome it. That's just the way it is. 



On Saturday, with deadlines looming and a strict order to do some filming, we headed up the hills to Castle Campbell in Dollar.  It is a site out of a fairy tale for sure, with (i kid you not) 2 creeks called the "Burn of Care" and the "Burn of Sorrow". It was even called "Castle Gloom".


But gloomy it was not.  I love those particularly blinding autumn days where the sun shines and the colours are so bright they make your eyes water. I could wander and putter for hours. 



Kevin is more of a fan of the castle than I am. In fact, I am terrified by steps like these vvvvvvvvvvv




And so we mixed it up, a longish walk (with cocoa breaks) and a wander around the castle. 

IMG_1330.jpg IMG_1324.jpg


But, it wasn't all play. I did manage to make a small film of the trip.  Films aren't really my thing, and so please forgive my first humble attempts. 


North Sea Kipper Handwarmers

Kevin lost his beautiful cabled handwarmers made out of glorious and expensive Posh Yarn...can we have a collective "grrr"?

So I made him some new ones, inspired by the Herringbone Neck Warmer I made my mother in law for Christmas. This time, Kev's were made with cheap yarn. That knit up incredibly quickly.  And then I wrote up the pattern so I wouldn't forget when he loses them again.


They are made out of Wendy DK held double. This makes a sort of heavy Aran/Chunky wool, but traps air in between the fibers making them warm and squishy.  You need one ball, just pull the second end out of the middle and knit away.

Kev wanted ribbing around the thumbs, but I prefer the sleekness of just a thumbhole, but I have included optional instructions.


download now The matching hat is available here.