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Today I Am




- trying to climb a mountain of work and packing and laundry so that we can head down to Kent for a week with friends and family and work.  I have reached the panic stage.  

- fortunately some of the work is just crochet and I bought the Muppets movie for me for the kids to watch on the drive down.  I may just have to put it on while I work.

- said crochet is with this gorgeuos yarn. I must admit that I am in love (again).   

- when I am not able to watch the Muppets, I will be listening to Fiona Apple's new album.  The ferocity with which she sings the bridge on this song gives me goosebumps.

- I have locked my phone upstairs and am about to download an internet blocking app so I can get work done.  I am taking bets on when withdrawl symptoms starts (also if you seem me online today, IGNORE ME!!)

- I am blogging over at Capturing Childhood today...I may have sobbed when I wrote the post, but don't tell my little brother that, because I will be made fun of mercilessly.

- we head out tonight, so I am not certain when I will be back to the blog.  Have a great week if I get caught up!!


(the photo is from a cemetary in Muckart.  Is it me, or is the Angel smirking?)


I am sure if your life and livelihood depended upon a boat to connect you to the mainland, it would fade to the unremarkable and perhaps even to uninteresting...but as I have no such familiarity with boat life (it would be hard to find another place in the world more land locked than Lisbon, Iowa), I can't help but get excited at the prospect of boarding a CalMac.My small boy shares my excitement and spoke of little else for the week leading up to going away.

Captivated from the moment he saw the Stornoway ferry pull in to Oban as we waited ours to Craignure, boats were THE discussion point in the 2 year old crowd. 


Tobermory Harbour


And now, our feet have found themselves firmly back on the mainland after a wonderful trip.  Breathtaking views, great food (home cooked and otherwise), gale force winds and a wood burning stove all made the trip a relaxing and welcome break from reality.  Ship me there any day.