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Light Work

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Ellis crossed a big-boy milestone on Saturday night by staying at his first ever sleep over. Kevin and I hardly knew what to do with ourselves only being responsible for 2 children!!  Lest we make anything easy for ourselves, we took the babies on a walk so that I could get some final pictures for Capturing Childhood's first session that starts today.

And really, a walk with 2 toddlers is:

a lot of stopping

a lot of coaxing

a lot of carrying

a lot of dirt

a lot of mess

a lot longer than it was supposed to be


Sniffle, Snuffle


Oh, the joys of winter...we are never really sick here (you know except for 5 months of constant debilitating pregnancy-related nausea...), but it seems the Scottish wet and cold has entered the upper respiratory passages of Ellis and I. 

In true toddler fashion, he is generally fine after a few hours of illness yesterday.  I, however, feel like I have been hit by a bus.  And so to bed.  With this complete and utter deliciousness to keep me cozy.



See you next week!