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Snow Days

Although we'd been expecting it, the bad weather finally arrived this week in the form of gale force winds, rain, hail and snow. We count ourselves lucky that TV and internet outages and a bus that can't get up the road are so far the worst effects of the inclement weather. 

Leghorn the Insane

Georgia and the dog have spent most every moment outside since the snow arrived. This morning, she drew elaborate plans to instruct her father on how to build a snowman to her exacting requirements. She comes in for hot chocolate, only to rush out again when a new idea strikes for her next snow-venture, barely stopping to put on all her winter gear. 

A day of hearty meals, DVDs and knitting awaits us today...with a potential foray out into the cow pasture for some sledding down the hill (that leads straight to a bog...not for the faint of heart!).

As the temperatures have gotten colder, I have given up working in the studio unless I absolutely have to.  As great as it is to have my own space, the old byre isn't insulated and working out there too long leaves me frozen to the bone.  Instead, I have opted to stay in front of the fire in the house with a dog to keep my feet warm and today with the added bonus of the whole family to snuggle in beside me.  

I can think of worse ways to be stranded. 

These Days

These days in the run up to Christmas are just so full.  Its as if the vacuum created by keeping my work schedule relatively open sucked in every type of Christmas-related activity you could imagine. I suppose it is the fact of living a village life - if I am not attending a fair/nativity/visit with Santa/pantomime/show, I am baking for one. 

The last week's activities took place against a background of rain, more rain, gales, sleet, snow and more rain. Finally, last night the weather bomb (the news' term, not mine) moved on and we were left with the perfect kind of winter's morning - the cold, crisp, cracking ice on puddles kind. 

It is the perfect kind of respite from the mad rush that we've had for days and will see again come tomorrow. Georgia and Ellis spent every moment they could before rushing off to school playing outside this morning and the dog and I took our first not-miserable morning walk in weeks. 

Speaking of dogs, a few weeks ago, our beloved dog Mac was hit by a car.  It was very sad and very traumatic. Living alone at the end of a 1.5 mile track, you are lulled into a false sense of security and it took us all off guard. I cried for days. I am alone up here all day and didn't realise how much company he provided until he was gone. We'd been talking about getting a 2nd dog anyway and when a little Bearded Collie needed a home, we jumped at the chance. He is a lovely boy we named Marlow.

Ok, I am off to enjoy a few moments of quiet before the rushing begins again. Have a lovely weekend! 

Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like


Winter is upon us. The mild excitement that had surrounded us about Christmas has reached a sort of frenzy. 


 It was the snow that tipped us over the edge.  For a 4 year old that thinks that tomorrow is a life time away - 3 weeks until Christmas is just too far.


The Christmas tree had been put up the night before and when this lightest of white slushy wetness stuck to the hills, that was it.  In his mind, Christmas must be if the frosting on the hills was the final puzzle piece to fit into place. 


The waiting is hard, but we fill our days with lots of Christmassy activities. On order today - salt dough ornaments and maybe popcorn strings.  Keeping him occupied until the day arrives, all the while proceeding with our own preparations: hats and photos and gifts and orders. 

And for now, we have snow. And deadlines and preparations and snow.



And doesn't Richard the Behaviour Modification Elf seems very pleased with it as well...