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Autumn Mornings

I have to admit that after the glorious summer we had, I was less than thrilled when the leaves started to change and the cooler weather set it. I couldn't see past the dwindling amount of oil in our tank, the mud that I knew would slick every surface inside and out and forgetting what it feels like to be warm. But most of all, I dreaded the mornings that would see us getting up in a dark, cold house.


But this Autumn has done a spectacular job of winning me around. The cool sunny days, the sheer bounty of our hedgerows and the sunrise and sunsets have made the arrival of the rain and cold a bit more bearable. 

The sunrises in particular are spectacular. That long autumn light makes the wet world come alive with the oranges and reds particular to this time of year. Our house sits on a hill in a valley edged by the means we frequently are woken up with glorious cloud inversions with the sun rising over the top. 

As I walk the dog in the mornings (in 2 pairs of woollen socks, multiple scarves and as many layers I can fit under my raincoat), I wonder how on earth did we get so lucky to find this place. 

Even though today the sun hasn't shown its head today and the dog and I are huddled next to the woodburner in the studio (way less romantic than it sounds), at least my dread of autumn mornings has passed.  

Today I Am...


...up early, but I don't notice it because of the clock change.  This is the first year I can remember where I am not plunged into a pit of despair about the clocks changing.

...probably because my mother arrived on Saturday.  Today we are being ladies who lunch, tomorrow ladies who visit castles, and so on and so forth.  Some primal truths remain: who is afraid of the dark when you have your mama?






The last day and a half has been full of a lot of upset.  Personal and professional issues seemed to come all at once and I found myself at lunchtime on Wednesday in a full-blown anxiety attack.  You know how it goes:





the strange vortex that surrounds completely unrelated but important areas of your life to develop cracks all at once



And so, I walked away from the computer, left my phone upstairs and ran with my son into the beautiful Autumn afternoon.

Carving Pumpkins

Painted Jack

An Autumn Drive



At the Crossroads

Just some fresh air and each other's company turned a rather dreadful few days into an afternoon full of laughter and wonder and joy.  It was what I needed.  And the vortex turned...negative things gave way to a lot of positivity and good things coming our way.