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Work (Or Something Like It)

It is no secret that I coud happily work 16 hours a day.  I love what I do and have more items on my to do list than I will ever finish and I simply could let it all consume me.


However, there are 4 people and 2 cats who like to remind me that work can not be my life. For however many hours I could happily sit in my office plugging away, they would like to spend 3x as many with their mama.  Sometimes, I resent the intrusion. Sometimes, I welcome it. That's just the way it is. 



On Saturday, with deadlines looming and a strict order to do some filming, we headed up the hills to Castle Campbell in Dollar.  It is a site out of a fairy tale for sure, with (i kid you not) 2 creeks called the "Burn of Care" and the "Burn of Sorrow". It was even called "Castle Gloom".


But gloomy it was not.  I love those particularly blinding autumn days where the sun shines and the colours are so bright they make your eyes water. I could wander and putter for hours. 



Kevin is more of a fan of the castle than I am. In fact, I am terrified by steps like these vvvvvvvvvvv




And so we mixed it up, a longish walk (with cocoa breaks) and a wander around the castle. 

IMG_1330.jpg IMG_1324.jpg


But, it wasn't all play. I did manage to make a small film of the trip.  Films aren't really my thing, and so please forgive my first humble attempts. 


Light Work

IMG_4447.jpg IMG_4454.jpg IMG_4463.jpg IMG_4466.jpg IMG_4473.jpg IMG_4475.jpg IMG_4477.jpg IMG_4488.jpg

Ellis crossed a big-boy milestone on Saturday night by staying at his first ever sleep over. Kevin and I hardly knew what to do with ourselves only being responsible for 2 children!!  Lest we make anything easy for ourselves, we took the babies on a walk so that I could get some final pictures for Capturing Childhood's first session that starts today.

And really, a walk with 2 toddlers is:

a lot of stopping

a lot of coaxing

a lot of carrying

a lot of dirt

a lot of mess

a lot longer than it was supposed to be


Surprisingly Perfect

IMG_3756.jpg IMG_3759.jpg
IMG_3755.jpgIMG_3758.jpg IMG_3757.jpg

I was just taking the children and my new 50mm f1.4 lens out for an airing in the spot of sunshine we had for all of about 15 minutes yesterday. It is such a lovely little lens and I need to learn its quirks and preferences (man that sucker is FAST - a huge change from my 15-85mm, which I could usually only open up to f5.6 - 1.4 is like magic)

And then I took these photos.  Completely by accident. Even with their imperfections, something about them - the zingy colour, the way they capture the sun and the wind and the girl and the dandilion - makes my heart race a bit. they are not technically perfect photos, but they do capture the moment, just perfectly.

I LOVE that- when you download the pictures from your camera and you don't know what you are going to get...I am not a spray and pray photographer - taking 100s of photos and hoping one is good (not that there is anything wrong with that AT ALL, I just don't have the patience to sort through lots of photos).  I usually picture what it is I want to capture in my head and make it happen, so when I download I have a pretty good idea of what I am going to get.

Sometimes though, its nice to be surprised.


Capturing Childhood

“Instructions for living a life. 

Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.” 


This quote from Mary Oliver has been up on my About Me page for some time... I have always felt it captures the essence of why I blog and take photographs with an almost obsessive urgency. It is how I try and live my life: embrace the important things (and ignore the unimportant ones), see the beauty and wonder in the every day and then capture it through the lens of my camera, bringing it all together like a patchwork quilt here in this space for my family. 

And so, when Kat Molesworth from Housewife Confidential approached me with her idea (about 5 hours after agreeing my deal and *gulp* deadlines with the publisher), it was too good an opportunity to pass up, despite the rather crazy timing. Behind closed virtual doors, through tweets and emails, Skype and phone calls, magic has been happening...


Magic that I am delighted to share with you today

Capturing Childhood was born from a mutual love for photography, film and recording family moments. We decided to create the business to share our passion for taking great pictures every day, offering a series of photography eCourses to inspire you to take another look at your children through the lens of your camera. 


Our first six week course is called Collect the Moments. Here is a bit of a taster of what is to come...


(I have been humming the theme tune for days!!)


Registration for Collect the Moments opens tomorrow, Saturday April 28th at 2pm BST for the Summer class beginning 28th May.

Thank you so much for sharing the magic with us!!