Crochet Hexagon Wall Hanging

crochet hexagon wall hanging by kat goldin

Well, my glorious puff stitch hexagon bedspread didn't work out.  I tried, I tell you.  I had all the best intentions. I carried my yarn and hook with me everywhere I went, but after making about 6 little hexies, I simply couldn't make any more.  I simply can not make motif-based blankets (I even roped my BFF into making the one in Hook, Stitch & Give - its THAT BAD!).

crochet hexagon wall handing by kat goldin

However, those 6 little hexies called to me from my WIP basket.  I needed to do something with them.  I considered the usual pillows, bags, etc, but nothing really called to me.  Until Mac the Labradoodle kindly  left a stick in the studio and these little beauts were born. 

crochet hexagon wall hanging by Kat Goldin

They follow the puff stitch hexagon pattern and then I simply sewed them onto a stick, added tassles and stuck them up. Easy peasy. 

crochet hexagon wall hangings by Kat Goldin

They are currently hanging above my sofa looking very fetching and not on the woodshed door as pictured ;).