Crochet Camp: Christmas Edition

I *may* have mentioned once or twice [insert sarcastic eye roll here] that I have a rather large deadline coming up.  Between now and the 31st of December, I am taking 1 day off - Christmas.  This means there will be no Christmas crafting at KGDHQ. *sob*


Its ok though, I have a plan - I am going to live vicariously through you via Christmas Crochet Camp!!!!!!!

1 week  and 4 beginner-level patterns to get your Christmas Crochet Mojo on. Bust through some of your yarn stash to make room for all the lovely yarn you will be getting for Christms!

star workshop-075
star workshop-075

I have never crocheted before, will I be totally lost?

No!  The patterns are all easy with step by step instructions and photos. There will be links to how-tos for anything not explained and the best Facebook group on the planet to help you out.


What Materials Will I Need:

- 4mm crochet hook

- 5mm crochet hook

- 8" Embroidery Hoop

- 50g of DK wool for the stars

- 25g of DK wool in various colours for the bows

- 50g of Bulky wool in 2 colours for the wreath

- 4 meters of red and white bakers twine

The patterns are designed to use up odds and ends of yarn you may have, but if you want everything in 1 box, I have pulled together a couple of material kits here.

The first pattern will be published on Monday the 9th of December.

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