Old Faithfuls

I am nothing if not a creature of habit. I like what I like. 20140423-IMG_2286

And so, its no surprise when I was reaching for something to make for a friend's baby I went back to my old faithful, Milo by Georgie Hallum. Looking at Ravelry, this is at least my 7th Milo, though there were probably more that went undocumented. It a fab wee pattern and super fun to customise. This time, I chose scandi-inspired colourwork to adorn the body.

You can see at the sides where its pulling in at the colourwork.  I should have gone down a size for the stripes to prevent this, but as these are designed to be worn with little to no ease, it felt like a bit of a faff to go to that effort.

And even more than Milo becoming my go-to pattern, the yarn, Artesano Superwash DK, has become my absolute favourite. I used it at least twice in my new book (though possibly more, I can't remember), in 2 of my current works in progress, in all of my workshops and in my Granny Square and Christmas Stars kits. It comes in a great range of colours, works up like a dream and washes so well. Its a squishy DK, so it feels like it works up quickly, rather than those technically DK, but almost Sport-weight DKs that so often cross my desk.



I am also using it in my so-slow to progress pine bough cowl. This project sits in a basket next to the fire in the studio for those, I need to think and knit moments. With Blogtacular around the corner, just sitting and knitting moments are becoming increasingly scarce.

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This week in the Studio

star workshop-043 star workshop-044 star workshop-047 star workshop-048 This week has been all about getting ready for next week's Country Living Christmas Fair. Of course I pick the biggest craft fair in Scotland, held at the SECC, to run my first ever craft stall. Trial by fire or what?!? When I first opened my Etsy shop and started selling hats, I dreamt of having a stall, so when my publisher said that I could run a crochet workshop and have a stall at the Glasgow Fair, I was all over it.

And so, these week has been about preparation - some mental, some physical, mostly winding:

  • Dyeing Christmas Trees Pink:  I used this set of trees, soaked them in bleach then left them in a bucket of Dylon for various amounts of time. The idea came from (of course) Pinterest.
  • Making Tassels: Well, Elly made these when she came to stay, but the stall next week is having a pink/blue/craft paper/gold theme, so these will be part of it. I also have gold spray paint and glitter tape on the way. Oh and I HOPE this arrives on time (and even if it doesn't that's cool, because I can't wait to spell out rude festive messages for the house in gold. Oh yes!
  • Packing Kits. I have about 100 packed here, another 200 to do, plus materials for another 100 arriving early next week (please let this be the case!). Kerstin has packed over 100 as well. This is not including the Knit Camp orders that I will be taking to the post office today.
  • Winding, winding, winding: I need 200 little balls of wool for my workshops next week.
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DIY: Peg Board

I have been craving a pop of hot pink in my studio for awhile and after I saw this very cute pegboard, I knew that I had to combine the two. Peg board, or perforated hardboard, is actually, annoyingly difficult to find locally.  After calling all of the local timber merchants and DIY stores, I settled for having to order online from here.  I ordered 2 pieces  - one for my wall and one for a photo backdrop.

The pegboard itself is extremely flimsy and in order to give it space at the back for the pegs and a bit more security, we bought a couple of pine stripboards (roughly 1x2").


B&Q cut the strip board to size - 4feet on the long edge and 2feet minus the width of the longer slats to fit inside the frame.  Unfortunately, we got home and realised the small slats were about an inch too long (I hadn't measured anything before we left, so um, it was totally my fault, not theirs). Fortunately, Kev agreed to help as I am not allowed to use any sharp objects due to a special talent for injuring myself.

20130825-IMG_2561 20130825-IMG_2565

Using the holes as a guide, we screwed the frame into the pegboard.20130825-IMG_2570 20130825-IMG_2572

Then the family was put to work.  Shortly after Georgia told me "I am an expert at this," I pointed out they were painting the wrong side. 20130825-IMG_2573

The pegboard is hung using picture wire and a pre-existing nail in the wall.  We rent, so generally try to avoid making holes in the wall. This does mean that I can't put anything too heavy on it, but it does give me the shock of colour I need and a useful place for my random bits of things I need when watching Breaking Bad and crocheting on my office sofa.


pegboard-020 pegboard-021

My favourite bit is most definitely the old knitting needle and hooks that now house my (rather pathetically small) collection of washi tape.

Who needs coffee with this to wake me up when I come in the office, hey?

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