Intro to Fermentation: The Online Course

Intro to Fermentation: The Online Course

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Fermented foods are all the rage and their health benefits have been spouted here, there and everywhere.  While fermentation has been said to help digestion, fermented foods simply taste great!!

This three part course will cover:

  • The basic principles of fermentation and working with bacterias and wild yeasts

  • How to make kimchi and sauerkraut from scratch

  • Learn to lacto-ferment other veg, such as kosher pickles, carrots and beans.

  • An intro to fermented drinks such as water kefir, ginger beer and kombucha

The lessons will be hosted on a password protected site and include a mix of written, photographed and video step by steps. Each lesson will also include a printable PDF.

The course will go live 17th of October.

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Kit for Intro to Fermentation

This is the kit for our Intro to Fermentation Online Course. It includes everything you need to get started fermenting except the vegetables and salt. The kit includes:

  • Printed fermentation guide

  • Cabbage Pounder

  • Korean Chili (for kimchi)

  • Caraway Seeds

  • 2x 1L jars (our favourites for fermenting)

  • Kombucha mother and starter

  • Kefir grains

Free shipping in the UK. Kits will ship from the 7th of October. Unfortunately we can not ship kits outside of the UK.

If you would like more information about fermentation, you can sign up to our online fermentation course, starting the 17th of October.

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