Wooden Spoon Making Materials

Wooden Spoon Making Materials

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All you need to get started on making wooden spoons. You can buy just the spoon blanks, just the knives or a set of all together.

The knives are the Mora 162 spoon carving crook and Mora 102 carving knife.

The spoon blanks are various sizes and wood types for carving practice and come with a small jar of our homemade beeswax spoon butter. 8 per pack. 

These work great with our Spooncarving 101 Online Course. If bought in conjunction with the course, a postcard with full course joining details will be included with the kit.

Currently shipping from Monday 12th of November

Blanks, Knives or Both:
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Spooncarving 101

We take you through the very basics of carving a spoon out of green wood. From choosing your wood and your tools to the basics cuts as well as finishing, we will have you making spoons in no time.

The course consists of written and video tutorials as well downloadable guides.

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