Everyday Sourdough Recipe Booklets

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Can’t come to one of our sourdough or fermentation workshops? Know a bread lover who has always wanted to try their hand at sourdough?? Our Everyday Sourdough booklet has everything you need to get started on sourdough. 

The Booklet Includes:

  • Introduction to the Everyday Sourdough Method of Baking
  • Timing Your Sourdough Baking so it Fits with Everyday Life
  • Equipment
  • Maintaining A Starter (Or Starting Again if you Kill It)
  • Recipes for:
    • Everyday Sourdough
    • Enriched Sourdough (including Cinnamon Rolls)
    • Multigrain Loaves
    • Klondike Pancakes
    • Cheese Scones
    • Sourdough Pasta
    • Pizza Dough