To Vinegar or Not to Vinegar

All purpose cleaners really are the workhorses of your cleaning cupboard. There are as many varieties of these cleaners as there are uses for them. The recipes below really focus on vinegar, as this is what most folk use and have available. However, as I state multiple times, I hate the smell, so tend to replace Vodka or Hydrogen Peroxide for the recipes. Both work really well and don’t leave your house smelling like a chip shop!!


Vinegar is sort of the magic ingredient in all-natural home cleansers. The only problem with it is that it smells like vinegar. Infusing your vinegar with aromatics is a great way to get over that. You can then use this diluted as an all-purpose cleaner or neat as a fabric softener.

Infused Vinegar for Cleaning Ingredients

White distilled vinegar

Aromatics for infusing: spent citrus fruits or woody herbs work well.


1. Place your aromatics in a jar.

2. Top the jar up with white vinegar (or vodka or hydrogen peroxide if you prefer)

3. Leave to infuse for 2-3 weeks for vinegar or about a week for hydrogen peroxide.

Natural All-Purpose Cleaner


1 cup infused vinegar

1 cup water

Essential oils optional


  1. Pour the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake to mix.

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