Natural Deodorant

As a smelly, hairy woman who tries to live as naturally as possible, I have tried A LOT of natural deos in my day. Everything from those salt sticks to the most expensive eco deo money can buy, but all of them have left me a bit wet. Until my friend introduced me to her recipe . It was basic - one part bicarb, one part cornstarch and one part coconut oil, but it did the job.

Over the years, I have tweaked the recipe. While the coconut oil is great in summer, here in a cold farmhouse, it is rock solid most of the year and I hate that. I have substituted some alternative oils here to make it a creamier version and also reduced the bicarb to help with the irritation that some people have when its used on their skin. If you are really sensitive - kaolin clay works well. You’ve also got the original and a slightly different recipe in your recipe book.

Good Deodorant


20g shea butter

5g jojoba oil

10g cornflour

5g Bicarb

(if you find you are sensitive to bicarb, omit or substitute kaolin clay)

10 drops of lavender or other essential oil

Kat GoldinComment