This section is less of a tutorial and more of general advice - I have always really struggled to find a natural way with my curly, dry hair. I use the Curly Girl method- essential skipping shampoo altogether and using conditioner to wash my hair. However, there are a couple of great natural products that you can use to help remove chemicals from your hair products.

Shampoo -

  • Castile Soap makes a lovely shampoo - use 100% olive oil if you have dry hair and a mix of oils if your hair is a bit more on the greasy side.

  • You can make dry shampoo out of cocoa powder and cornstarch. For dark hair - mix more cocoa powder in for lighter hair, stick to cornstarch

  • Apple Cider vinegar makes a great conditioner and also removes build up.

I also highly recommend Happy Hair by Lucy AitkenRead as a great primer on natural hair care.

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