Farm Membership - The Goat Gang - £200 Yearly Membership

Farm Membership - The Goat Gang - £200 Yearly Membership

200.00 every 12 months

This level includes:

  • bi-weekly updates about farm life, recipes and exclusive videos delivered to your inbox and if you are on Instagram, you will get added to our "Close Friends" group to get exclusive daily updates.

  • Access to our Everyday Sourdough, Intro to Fermentation and Natural Home and Beauty courses as well as our new Intro to Canning and Preservation course. This alone is a a £180 value.

  • Monthly member’s makealongs. Each month we will have a new focus, including fermentation, soap making, canning and much more. Much like our Instagram bakealongs, we will have resources to guide you through the make - ingredients lists, pdfs and clear video tutorials.

  • Special member’s discounts and access to some of our new courses (Everyday Sourdough 2 and Food Preserving 101) we are planning over the next few months.

  • One third off membership for the whole year


Led by the beautiful Dasher, the goats are the heart of Gartur.  They give us our milk and cheese and provide a cornerstone in all that we do here.

At this tier level, you help us by committing for the long haul. Planning for the long term and through the seasons is the trickiest part of being a seasonal farm, so we really value the upfront investment.

At this level, you get everything at the previous levels - but at a third off a monthly membership.

The Details:

  • when you purchase this membership, you will automatically receive an email with all of the download codes you need to access the Everyday Sourdough, Intro to Fermentation and Natural Home and Beauty online courses.

  • you will also receive the link to our exclusive Facebook Group.

  • your email address will automatically be added to the member’s newsletter where you will get exclusive content delivered right to your inbox

  • When you check out, don’t forget to give us your Instagram handle so we can add you to our “Close Friends” list to get exclusive content.