Farm Membership - Captain Fantastic - £5 a month

Farm Membership - Captain Fantastic - £5 a month

5.00 every month

Exclusive member’s content, including a bi-weekly newsletter packed full of stories from the farm, recipes and videos. You will also be added to our “Close Friends” list on Instagram to get exclusive daily updates from the farm


Captain Fantastic the rooster may be our smallest farm member, but he is full of character and one of the most memorable members of Gartur Stitch Farm.

For $5 a month, you help keep the farm ticking over, ensuring all the hungry mouths are fed and in return you get weekly updates about farm life via our special member’s newsletter. There will be special posts, recipes and videos and if you are on Instagram, you will get added to our "Close Friends" group to get exclusive daily updates on farm life.

The Details:

  • your email address will automatically be added to the member’s newsletter where you will get exclusive content delivered right to your inbox

  • When you check out, don’t forget to give us your Instagram handle so we can add you to our “Close Friends” list to get exclusive content.