Handmade Wreath

Handmade Christmas Wreath

A selection of vines for the base - honeysuckle, ivy, wisteria, virginia creeper, etc.

A selection of greenery. Stay away from needled pine branches as they shed everywhere - laylandii comes into its own here, but also eucalyptus, holly, magnolia leaves, etc all work well

Florists wire


String for hanging


Strip your vines of any side shoots.

Start the base by making a loop with a long fine and twisting the ends around each other.

You will have a bit of a wonky circle at this point, but its ok.  As you wind more and more vines around, your circle will get more even.

Continue working around the circle, winding vines around and around.  Make sure the ends aren’t all in one place. If needed, secure the base with florists wire.

When you are happy with the base, decide where you will be putting your decorations.  Wind an amount of florists wire here to create a base for your foliage.

Start decorating your wreath.  Start with flat large foliage - layllandii comes into its own at this point.

You can either work the foliage out from a central point or in one direction.

Once your base layer is done, begin adding other greens.  Go for things that have varying textures - holly, eucalyptus, hellebores, are all lovely additions. 

Secure the layers as needed with florists wire.

When you’ve finished add a loop of string or ribbon for hanging. 

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