Lesson Two: Water Kefir, Ginger Bugs, Whey and Other Natural Sodas


Whatever name you call them - soda, pop, soda pop, fizzy juice, coke, soft drink - most non-alcoholic carbonated beverages have a history as fermented, often ‘medicinal’ drinks. This was because before we had . carbon dioxide tanks that could pressurise the fizz into colas, people used the process of fermentation to give them the zing.

Making natural sodas at home is a pretty easy process and in fact doesn’t require much other than a starter culture of some kind and juice, water and sugar. The LABs and the yeast eat the sugars in the drinks and create carbon dioxide, which, when bottled in a tight container like a flip top bottle for beer, the gas stays in the liquid and creates effervescence.

Below, I’ve detailed a couple of ways you can make your own natural sodas at home.

Kat GoldinComment