Lesson Three: Recipes for Discard (And Stuff Other Than Bread)


The three biggest concerns I heard from people about sourdough is that they will:

  • become slaves to their starters

  • they will have to make bread every single day, or;

  • they will feel wasteful throwing away the discarded starter

It’s these three areas where discard recipes really come into their own and really where my commitment to sourdough cooking grew deep roots in our kitchen. The yeasts and bacteria that you have cultivated in your starter make a flavourful addition to a whole range of foods - not only bread, but pasta, scones, cinnamon rolls, pizza and tortillas are all enhanced by the addition of sourdough starter - either as the primary raising agent or working in combination with baking powder or bicarb (baking soda).

Using the starter in this way means that you can refresh it on a more regular basis, without having to pour half of it down the sink.

Your Everyday Sourdough PDF gives you a range of recipes that we use on a weekly basis in our kitchen. In the recipes below, I walk you through some of the trickier ones.

Kat GoldinComment