Local Colour with Julia Billings of Woollenflower 9th June

Local Colour with Julia Billings of Woollenflower 9th June


Local colour- an introduction to natural dyes

Join horticulturist and craftsperson Julia Billings in a full-day workshop on the essentials of transferring colours found in plants onto (fabric and) yarn. We will cover the key aspects of natural dyeing: fibre preparation and mordanting, sourcing dyestuffs, the various steps involved in preparing and working with a natural dyebath, safe dyeing practice, over-dyeing to create complex colours, keeping records of dye experiments and other tips for dyeing with plants and other natural materials. This workshop has a special focus on finding dye materials in the local landscape and we'll be exploring the dye potential of the flora found both on the farm and in the kitchen pantry.

Included: Comprehensive notes on all processes and recipes covered, all materials and samples of fabric and yarn dyed in the workshop 

Please bring: Sturdy closed shoes (we’ll be taking a short walk around the farm), weather-appropriate clothing that can handle a few splashes from the dyebath and a notepad and pencil if you’re likely to want to make notes.

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Callum McNeill-Ritchie is an environmental consultant and ranger with a lifetime spent roaming the hills of Scotland. He is head ranger with Hushwing Heritage and has professionally rangered in Scotland for 22 years. He specialises in humans' historical links to the environment and use of the natural world in human activity. He likes to interpret both natural and cultural heritage together, to give a better understanding of the environment around us. Callum will be leading us in the morning's plant identification and gathering walk and talking about the use of dyes in a historical context.

Come spend the day with us learning new skills and while you are here, enjoy our local, home cooked food, farmstead cheeses, meet the animals and spend the day at our edge of the world.