Foraging and Feasting: Autumn Abundance 22nd September 2018

Foraging and Feasting: Autumn Abundance 22nd September 2018


Head into the woods with us to learn all about seasonal foraging!

Scotland has an abundance of food growing wild just outside our doorsteps. Our autumn foraging workshop will focus on the greens, fruits, flowers and roots readily available in Autumn in Scotland.  Kat will also show you her super secret chanterelle mushroom patch and sloe bushes!! The farm sits at a border between upland and lowland geography, giving us an excellent mix of plants to forage.  We will gather a range of easily accessible plants that you should be able to find in your own local areas, we will focus on clear identification and both food and medicinal uses to give you a wide range of uses for your treasured finds. 

We will arrive at the farm for a hearty breakfast before we spend the morning in the woods foraging.  There will be walking, but with plenty of tea, coffee and cake to keep us going as we gather ingredients for the afternoon.  Then we will head back to the covered woodshed and studio for an afternoon of eating.  We will sample a range of recipes made from the ingredients we've foraged, as well as making a few useful botanical products for the home. There will even be some botanical cocktails to try, if you are so inclined. 

You will be able to take away the plants you forage for use in your own kitchen and home apothecary, as well as an extensive recipe pack and a very full belly!!

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