It's autumn and I am excited!!

Hello, I am Kerstin, one of the newest members of Gartur Stitch Farm. I joined Kat and Kevin in the business this summer and I am the Farm’s Development Manager. What does that mean? Well, I deal with the administrative side of the business and I help develop and implement new ideas. But I am also an avid gardener, baker and cook, beer brewer…like Kat, I like making things and autumn is a wonderful time for making things.

I know, the days are getting shorter, colder, and a bit wetter.....but there is a big BUT.  Everything is in a glut. The vegetable garden is having its last push before the winter. The courgette plants are still going strong, I have harvested my first perfectly orange and round pumpkins, the beetroots are jumping out of the ground, the cabbage is filling out its perfectly round heads. There is spinach growing, leeks, chard, kale, and the early signs of a promising Brussel sprouts harvest. 

But it is not only the vegetable garden that is in its full glory, so is the orchard and the hedgerow. Elderberries, brambles, rosehips, hawthorns, seabuckthorn, wild apples, mushrooms, nuts, etc,etc.

So it is a wonderful time of year and the earlier evenings give us the time to do something with all this wonderful harvest that is on our doorstep. Jam making, pickling, beer brewing, wine making, creating new teas, chutneys, pies and casseroles, soaps, and salves, and candles, and so much more.

Come join as we work our way through the autumn harvest. We have foraging courses for all four seasons of the year. We are developing a brand  new series of food preservation courses online, starting with fermentation. We have workshops and retreats for sourdough bread and cheesemaking. We also have courses for turning your wild harvest into soaps and salves and other home and beauty products. And we can help you make a natural homemade Christmas - stun your family and friends with fragrant beautiful gifts and holiday decorations.

Have a look at our website and come join us make the most of this autumn. First up on 6 Oct we are making wild inspired beauty and household items - from soaps, to salves and candles and more - at our Natural Home and Beauty workshop.

 First of the autumn harvest….

First of the autumn harvest….

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